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Pravato Jeffrey

Artist Gone; But The Song Lives On

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Artist Amjad Sabri was shot dead in Karachi by two men who were on a motorbike. Many fans are shocked and some are angry. Even after a month since this incident took place, people have not recovered from the emptiness that has surrounded since Amjad’s death. His elder brother whose name is Sarwat hopes that the police get their hands on the culprits very soon.

Amjad was a master in Qawwali which is a devotional music style that is related to Sufism. Sufism is one of the mystical Islam followings that is deeply connected with music. Amjad was a great performer in this legendary art. Visitors are still following his home for paying condolences. The family has dedicated an entire wall with a portrait of Amjad’s father who was also a Qawwali singer.

Amjad’s brother and Talha Fareed who has performed with Amjad says that he was almost like his father and that his presence could still be felt.

We’re met by Amjad’s brothers, along with Fareed, who performed alongside Amjad for many years. Friends and family from worldwide have come to pay their tributes to him. Loved by so many people, it is indeed surprising that the singer has to meet his fate this way.

Who would have killed Amjad still remains a question? It could be the Taliban. For many years, they have fought a war against music. They have burned down many CD shops and have attacked musicians in the past. When Amjad was shot dead, A smaller group of Taliban terrorists took responsibility.

Amjad’s house might be mourning now. But their love for Qawwali keeps growing. Even as the conversation is happening about his death and the impact of his death on their lives, the family begins a song. Amjad’s uncle, younger brother and uncle join together and sing these songs. All of Amjad’s sons and nephews are learning Qawwali.

This is their way of paying tribute to one of the best Qawwali singers in the country.