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How Micro-Budget Horror Movies Reap Large Box Office Collections?

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Horror as a genre has always done well. People love to feel vulnerable and scared for the ninety minutes they spend at the movies. Films that are made with less money are on the run for large box office collection records. For example, “Don’t Breathe” cost only $ 10 million to make. But they have a huge impact.

One of the advantages of making a horror movie is their low budget requirements. This is because, to scare someone, there is no need to go to the exotic location. Horror has to be real. The only place where people feel vulnerable and scared is inside their own house. More so, inside their own bedroom. Due to this, it is easier to estimate what is required and follow the story to make things happen.

For example, Paranormal Activity one of the most recognized horror franchise was made on a shoestring budget of $ 15,000. Unbelievable right? The budget for each movie depends on factors such as the number of characters in the story, where the entire story happens and the amount of special effects and stunts that are required. You can choose to spend more on of these and reduce the amount on the other ones.

If you focus from the beginning it can lead to some interesting changes. Having a low budget also pushes directors to make some unusual choices that can work best for these movies. Making a horror movie also does not require a famous movie star but an average joe who gets scared and feels helpless. Therefore, horror as a genre does not require large investments to keep the movie going when compared to other genres such as romantic comedy or action.

These low budget scenario is slowly taking over large production houses as well. They are also beginning to incorporate this into their style of making movies which might affect the small production houses that make these horror movies usually.

The future for horror movies certainly looks good. There is certainly going to be a lot that will scare us in these movies.

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