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Mice And Rat Exterminations

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Understanding Pest Control: Mice and Rat Exterminations

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Rodent and pest control in San Antonio Texas has become a major problem for certain local homeowners. To thoroughly understand the best way to control pests in Texas, it is crucial to conduct a bit of research. The best pest control in Texas consists of many different strategies and tips that demand prior research. contact us

Rodent exterminationHaving mice in the house is much different from having larger rodents such as squirrels and rats. Many times, to catch a mouse, a homeowner can set out multiple traps. Typically, these traps will effectively catch the mice. If the owner is still having difficulty exterminating or excluding the pests, then he or she should consider changing the trap’s bait to something such as peanut butter, bacon bits, crackers or hot dog slices. Normally, the traps are affordable. On average, they can range from $10.00 to $20.00, depending on the quality and extra materials used.

While mice are somewhat easy to catch, rats can be difficult rodents to trap and exterminate. Unlike mice, they are feisty and powerful. These rodents can chew through harder materials such as electrical wiring. Because of this, they can cause significant damage to homes, potentially causing fire and other safety hazards. Additionally, much like mice, rats can squeeze into places much smaller than their body size. They have flexible bones that can cave when fitting into restricting spaces such as under doors, through small holes, and between partially opened windows. This allows them to get into places that are hard for the homeowner to locate and access. This makes hiring a professional exterminator necessary in many cases.

While placing poisonous traps throughout the house is an option for capturing rodents, it would be best for an owner to call a professional exterminator to get rid of all of the dead bodies. While rat traps can be slightly more expensive than mouse traps, they still range from approximately $15.00 to $25.00. Furthermore, it is important to consult an exterminator to reassure that a problem with the same rodents does not recur. Even if the poison is effective in killing the rats, the homeowner will still have to dispose of all of the dead bodies found throughout the house. This can be problematic because fleas, mites and ticks will abandon the dead corpse and search for a new living prey. Finding a trustworthy and competent exterminator is crucial to effectively kill pests in Texas. Potential customers should not hesitate to call an exterminator and discuss exterminating methods as well as pricing before the procedure takes place. Contact us today for all your pest and rodent control needs.

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