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Driving Correctly Is Your Responsibility

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Driving Correctly is your Responsibility

When we get into our cars, we assume certain responsibilities. The rules of the road are taught to us as teenagers and even before as our young minds observe adults driving. Certain courtesies pertain to whether we are driving a car, truck, motorcycle or scooter. Right-aways and general road rules to most of us are common sense, but it’s a big world with a lot of different interpretations as to what that really means.

Traffic ticketsHere in the US, we have a mutual understanding as to how to behave on the road, but that doesn’t always mean that everyone abides by the same set of rules. If you think the traffic in your area has gotten out of control, and you’re considering relocating, hold off calling a moving service until you’ve had a chance to check out some of these other outrageous roadways.

1. Toronto, Canada
Just next door. Canada is known for being so civilized yet it is also the parent of a an infamous superhighway that if one is not a confident driver it’s best to avoid. Can you say 401? Jammed everyday with commuters and other more fool hearty travelers, the 401 has sections around Toronto, where the lane count is 18 across. Passing on the right is totally acceptable, and if you catch it at the right time of day it’s mandatory that you have eyes in the back of your head.

2. Beijing, China
No surprises here. In a country which holds the most people on earth it’s a foredrawn conclusion that traffic would be a problem. With laws that are confusing, and over 5 million cars, congestion is an ongoing issue. If you take to the road at some point or another, it’s advisable that you let a native driver take the wheel. Nonetheless, you may still get caught in a traffic stall that could pile up for miles and last for days. Yes, days.

3. Paris, France
One of the most remarkable cities in the world, but when visiting, stick to the subway. Traffic in Paris is not for the faint of heart. The city is known for its roundabouts, but the trouble is they have no lane markers which leaves it up to anyone’s guess. Another issue adding to the congestion is lack of available parking. The roadways get very competitive as drivers peel head on towards accessible parking spots. The sudden stops and glaring red brake lights bring new meaning to the City Of Lights.

4. Mumbai, India
Again an overly populated country with lots of congestion caused by foot traffic, animal rights and old vehicles. To drive the streets of Mumbai one can never let down his guard given the lack of organized traffic rules. The rules may exist, but knowing what they are is Traffic Ticket Dismissalanyone’s guess. One rule everyone, native as well as foreigner knows is cows have the right of way. The cow is considered sacred and hitting one is a grave penalty. The word that comes to mind is chaos. The Indians also have a love affair with their car horns, which makes the whole experience even more unnerving.

5. Washington, DC
The beltway that surrounds the District of Columbia is not necessarily void of traffic laws or lane markers. It is regularly patrolled and there are not usually cows slowing things up, but if you happen to find yourself in the rush, take some deep (albeit polluted) breaths and hang on. Keeping up with the steady flow of traffic, cruising at 95 miles is not unusual. If you go slower than the speed of traffic you can cause problems. This writer once found himself next to a Police cruiser going 95MPH and the officer never gave me a second glance.

Where have you driven that raised the hair on the back of your neck or tested your patience? Leave a comment below.

Pravato Jeffrey

Special Cases Orthodontics

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In Orthodontics there is no one plan that fits all. Metal Braces are not always the one to choose. Ceramic Braces look Invisalign may not be the right choice for your lifestyle!
So what is left if the tried and proofed don’t fit my style or what ever….Call the Orthodontist today to get more choices.


Braces are not the only way to correct teeth. There are other appliances that are used alone and in conjunction with braces. Each is briefly described below.




The Herbst appliance is used to correct the front to back relationship of the upper and lower jaws. The rod and tube that looks like a shock absorber actually connects the upper and lower jaws to position them forward to encourage growth.


This appliance is used to widen the upper jaw to make more room for your teeth, and to make your upper teeth fit over your lower ones.


This is used to expand your upper teeth. The bands on the back teeth are cemented into place and should not come loose. The wire on the inside of your teeth will gradually make your upper teeth wider, so that we can make more space for your upper teeth. It will be in place for approximately 4 to 5 months, then you will either be given a retainer or proceed with braces.


Your new retainers are made of high strength flexible plastic. They simply hold everything in proper alignment.


Separators do exactly what their name implies. They separate your teeth.
If you have any more question concerning Braces please call us and visit our Facebook page

Pravato Jeffrey

Tips And Ideas On Insurance For Your Home

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home insurance

Tips and ideas on insurance for your home
Would you believe it. Looking through my newspaper this morning I came across the following snippet: Los Angeles: A family were left counting the cost of their choice of Christmas tree decorations after a blaze that caused $2.3 million in damages to their home, fire officials said on Tuesday. Officials said that the fire in the luxury residence in Newport Beach, south of Los Angeles, was caused when candles on a Christmas tree ignited branches, gutting the house. AFP I wonder if they were covered. Some other situations we might look at today are personal liability and pets. If a visitor to your home trips over a doormat or maybe slips on the stairs you could find yourself facing a lawsuit for the resulting injuries. Not only medical expenses but loss pf income due to being off work whist recuperatiing. Absoltely anything that happens on your property is your responsibilty and you should be covered accordingly.
Some dogs and cats can be pretty unfriendly to strangers so check if you’re covered if your animal decides to take a bite out of your visitor! You might also like to check if your homeowners insurance covers you for any misdemeanours your animal commits away from your property. Oh! The joys of owning your own home! See you later.

After hearing of my pal’s disaster I sat down in a quiet corner and tried to write down all the things I could think of which I would need to insure. Some of the things I came up with were: 1. The actual house. apartment or whatever. One of the things we have to cover is fire and however that may be caused. Was it a carelessly left cigarette, a pan of fat left heating and forgotten in the kitchen, an electrical fault, lightning or even some malicious action by a third party. There’s also the effects of smoke whicjh can be caused by quite a small fire but which can be very costly if you have replace furnishings and decorations. I read in a newspaper recently of someone whose computer was left on all the time and for some reason or other caught fire.

Whilst only the computer and part of a desk were destroyed, the door of the home office was open and there was extensive smoke damage throughout the whole house. The resulting bill to put things right was in the thousands of dollars. 2. Flooding is another obvious concern if you happen to live in a flood prone area. But what if there’s absolutely no chance of flooding where you live? Do you live in an area where you have freezing winters. What if your plumbing suddenly bursts and you are not around or someone accidentally leaves water running somewhere in your home Are these situations covered in your Home Insurance?

3. Theft and vandalism. These days there are more and more property thefts and these should be included in your cover.

Is there a problem with your cover if a door was left unlocked at the time. What happens if the theives don’t take much but vandalise your home – is the resulting damage inclkuded. And what if it is just a simple case of third party vandalism. I know all the points above are very basic and will probably be included in a basic policy but it doresn’t cost you anything clear these with your insurer and give yourself peace of mind. We’ll look some more ideas later.

The purpose of this blog is to look at insurance for homeowners and to give the best possible tips and advice. There are so many things to look at in this field and in the future i will endeavour to cover all the important aspects and also the things we may consider not so important. I know when I was looking at my own insurance I thought initially I had everything covered but later found there were quite a few holes in my “coverage”. A long time ago when I was looking at this for my own home, was to keep putting it off as something I could do later. I expect we all go through this syndrome thinking ‘it will never happen to me’ and fortunately in my case, it didn’t. Then my pal at work had quite a serious fire at home, caused by an electrical fault, and the cost of repairs etc was huge. That’s when I got off my backside and started to look into my own insurance requirments. Insurance is really a funny animal because you can go for years and years without making any claim which gets you to thinking how much you’ve spent over the years and for what! But this is the nature of the beast. I’ve now changed my mind! Call Your San Antonio Insurance Agency today.
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